Portfolio #1 in Moscow

What has long been said, thought, and what harsh reality was inevitably moving, has now come to pass.

On July 18, my first serious solo exhibition opened. The name was chosen themed and the only possible- “Portfolio # 1” It turned out surprisingly simple and convenient: firstly, a reference to the Great Adams, secondly, there will be no difficulties with the names of further exhibitions, well, and most importantly, managed to get away from the meaningless and merciless fiction.

All the works conceived for the show were interpreted and printed in the new “post-Sexton” era, that is, after learning from the Great and Mighty John Sexton, who turned the world upside down, it made me think that life had been lived in vain, but then thought again, burn bridges with the old world and start over again.

The exhibition runs until September 15 at the following address: Savvinskaya Embankment, 23, Building 1, “Gallery of Classic Photography”. The general sponsor of the event is “Tele2”

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