About me

About me

Max Bedov

Got the first art education specializing in wood sculpture as a volunteer of “Bogorodskoe Secondary Specialized School of Wooden Carver and Industrial Art” at the age of school years. After that has been studied for a degree in art forging metal of Abramtsevo Art and Industry College. Later got entered and graduated on a “Restoration of the painting” specialization of Moscow State Art and Industry University named after Stroganov – the world famous Art Institute.

Interested in photography since the early childhood, young Max tried to master the magic of the process of printing using the classic technology with his parents. Years were passing around, but the passion for photography grew. In the art school wanted to capture the results of the creative process, because of the fact that the student works had automatically become the property of the school – all you could take with you are just memories and photos.

In the university photography skills have become a vital. The fact that each step in the restoration work requires detailed photographic documentation, and it is completely impossible to call for a professional photographer with specialized equipment on each restoration step, especially when the work is being done on monumental memorials, far away from the civilization. At the same time began to take its first steps in the direction of art photography. For the first times it has been associated with numerous trips along Russia and the Middle East, it has always wanted to capture what you see and not even just to capture, it is more about to convey the impression of what you see to the part of the viewer.

Over time, it has become an understanding that the real photo is when the entire process, from selection and filling up the film ending with tinting finished print should be under the authority of the author. From that moment it was decided to refuse the services of photo labs completely. The other principal refusal decision was to get rid of the color in work. Color distracts, gives a lot of extra, unnecessary information in the final image. The classic black and white process itself provides the author with totalcontrol at all stages, whereas the color is always an element of chance.

The fact that the digital technology come into the picture had no effect on the creative approach. In the digital photography it is always a mass, the lost of author personality, unlike the classic silver gelatin process, where each author’s imprint is absolutely unique. The vision of Photo process and creativity has been fundamentally changed after immersion into the world of classic American photography. After getting known the original prints of Ansel Adams and his students, it had to completely revise the approach to photography, especially to its technical component. Apply to myself all the experience and practice, perfectly described in thefamous Adams trilogy.
Having a lot of trips all over the globe, the only thing is necessary in each travel is a camera.

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